I’m sure quite a few of you are already aware by now, but this morning my Patreon account, along with several other ABDL creator’s accounts, were wiped from existence under the guise that “anything involving diapers = sexualizing children”. I’ve submitted an appeal, but I’m not hopeful that they’re going to give half a fuck.

Considering Patreon made up a good chunk of my income, that leaves me in a, for lack of better terms, dog shit situation. Currently I’m considering either trying to move over to SubscribeStar, where they’d take about a 10% cut, and integrating any functionality into my site would be a massive headache if it’s even feasible. The other option is that I integrate some sort of monthly tiered subscription into my site – there’s tons of plugins for it, and it would give me a lot more flexibility and control over something that I truly rely on. It’d also allow me to do more creative rewards that would be part of the site itself, though I’m worried if everyone just moves to SubscribeStar, it’d be a harder pitch to get people to also support me independently of where everyone else is. I’ve attached a poll to gauge what people think, because my brain is just kinda scrambled at the moment.

Lastly, I’ve set up a Ko-fi for the time being – if you’d like to help me out during this absolute migraine, I’d really appreciate the support~❤

aand the ko-fi is gone. cooooool

What should I do next?